Gretchen Bellinger Inc

Numerical Fabric Order

Printed on 20 May 2024
1011 Limousine Cloth® broadcloth 1141 Double Entendre™ plain weave
1142 Sleek Preview™ textured weave 1143 Rich as Creases™ jacquard
1149 Cuddle Up with a Good Look™ chenille 1182 Marching Band™ cotton velvet stripe
1351 In a Twinkling™ sparkle wool plush 1353 Don't Fret™ cut mohair plush
1354 Live Wire™ stripe mohair plush 1355 True Grid™ mohair plush
1411 Diamonds in the Rough™ épingle 1441 Trolley™ wool frisé
1442 Pullman Cloth® épingle 1443 In a Swirl™ épingle jacquard
1447 Hit the High Spots™ épingle 1448 Pile it On™ diamond mohair plush
1449 The Right Line™ stripe wool épingle 1450 A-Plush™ cotton velvet
1457 Ground Control™ jacquard 1460 Mansfield Park™ textured weave
1462 Refined Grain™ épingle 1464 Top of the Pops™ épingle
1468 A New Line™ bamboo épingle 1469 Fluff Your Lines™ épingle
1501 Head in the Clouds™ épingle 1502 Square Peg in a Round Hole™ épingle
1513 Checkered Repast™ épingle 1514 Fascinating Rhythm™ épingle
1515 Graphic Novel™ épingle 1516 Fronds in High Places™ épingle
1526 Rowboat™ textured weave 1562 Ripple Effect™ chenille jacquard
1564 Rise to the Occasion™ textured weave 1591 Pasha® linen velvet
1592 Paramount® wool plush 1593 La Scala™ mohair plush
1594 Play to the Grandstand™ mohair plush 1621 Haute Coco™ textured weave
1622 Suits Me™ bouclé 1662 Nothing to Hide™ textured weave
1670 On the Plush Side™ silk/bamboo pile 1672 Thrill Sleeker™ silk plush
1674 Pile Icon™ silk velvet 1710 Check Mate™ double face jacquard
1713 Swing Around the Rosy™ jacquard 1714 Pocket Full of Posies™ jacquard
1715 Flowers that Be™ jacquard 1734 Chunky Dory™ chenille
1735 Bold Comfort™ textured weave 1741 Stepping Stones™ ottoman weave
1742 Screening Room™ dobby 1743 On a Wing and a Flair™ wool matelassé
1790 Chic to Cheek™ cotton velvet 1792 Simple Matter™ double plain weave
1871 Cut a Rug™ textured weave 2101 Channel Crossings™ matelassé
2102 Grate Impression™ matelassé 2107 Gilt Edge™ woven herringbone
2109 Winning Streak™ jacquard 2112 Steeling Beauty™ metallic plain weave
2113 Happy Glow Lucky™ basket weave 2140 Up to Scratch™ textured weave
2141 Arise and Shine™ satin 2142 Coarsely Ground™ textured weave
2143 Pipe Dream™ satin 2144 Flower of the Flock™ jacquard
2145 Secret Crush™ chenille 2146 Sealed with a Twist™ jacquard
2147 Stroke of Brilliance™ jacquard 2148 Coming Up Roses™ jacquard
2149 Sweet Lullaby™ textured weave 2150 Crumplestiltskin™ textured weave
2201 Akimbo™ cotton bouclé 2247 Stripe for the Picking™ dobby
2252 Sophia Silk plain weave 2253 Looming Large™ textured cotton stripe
2283 Camp™ buffalo plaid 2333 Cinderella™ ottoman weave
2335 Casting Illusions™ jacquard 2341 Courting Cranes™ tapestry
2352 Velvet Underground™ iridescent mohair plush 2463 Gleam Weaver™ textured weave
2467 Bloom Town™ jacquard 2470 Give It a Whirl™ épingle
2511/2511w Yachting Cotton® woven repp 2523 Guideboat™ cotton bouclé
2524 Awning® canvas stripe 2525 Saranac™ cotton jacquard
2528 Runabout™ satin stripe 2531 Boathouse™ seersucker
2532 Porch™ canvas stripe 2533 Prospect House™ canvas stripe
2541 Be Steel my Heart™ jacquard 2561/2561w Rhumba™ cotton chintz
2562 Ragtime Band™ chenille stripe 2563 Wheat from the Chaff™ textured weave
2565 Light Relief™ linen herringbone 2566 A Higher Plain™ textured weave
2567 Natural Attraction™ textured weave 2568 Bend the Rules™ textured weave
2569 Another Line™ linen stripe 2571 Skimmer™ plain weave
2581 Skiff™ cotton frisé 2591 Bed of Roses™ velvet jacquard
2606 Save it for a Grainy Day™ jacquard 2621 Petal to the Metal™ jacquard
2623 Any Which Way™ paisley jacquard 2625 Looking High and Glow™ textured weave
2640 Sweet Spot™ bouclé 2641 Next of Skin™ cotton-backed vinyl
2642 Flexible Assets™ metallic vinyl 2644 Tweedle Dee™ textured weave
2651 Flash and Dash™ metallic-printed chenille 2672 Applause™ cotton velvet
2673 Big Band™ cotton velvet stripe 2674 Deluxe™ silk velvet
2675 Stay the Coarse™ textured weave 2678 Stripe Tease™ velvet stripe
2681 Fall into A Good Thing™ cotton chenille 2691 Two for the Road™ cotton chenille
2702 Bound to Impress™ basket weave 2711 Ground Swell™ matelassé
2742 Flecks Appeal™ cotton jacquard 2744 Right as Rain™ cotton jacquard
2745 All the Right Grooves™ cotton rib 2752 Bramble™ moiré jacquard
2753 Lindy Hop™ textured weave 2770 Salt of the Earth™ dobby
2771 Knitty Gritty™ dobby 2811 Zensation™ textured weave
2812 Aglow Profile™ jacquard stripe 2820 Ripened on Divine™ jacquard
2851 Leather or Not™ synthetic leather 2861 A Gentle Ribbing™ matelassé rib
2871 Easy Does It™ plain weave 2881 Florid Romance™ jacquard
2892 Two Faces Have Eye™ reversible silk satin 2893 China Moon™ silk satin jacquard
2894 Moon Dance™ silk satin jacquard 2942 Living the Highlights™ jacquard
2951 Dangling Carats™ jacquard 2981 Come Grain or Come Shine™ viscose velvet
2991 Gilt by Association™ plain weave 3012 Camel woven herringbone
3015 Cashmere brushed twill 3113 Gleam a Little Dream™ plain dutch weave
3151 Rhapsody in Bloom™ tulle and pearl embroidery 3161 Vanity of Vanities™ silk taffeta
3172 Savoir Flair™ scottish madras 3202 Heaven Sent™ wool sparkle sheer
3304 Diva® rhinestones on silk 3322 Martinique™ nun\'s veiling
3342 Spread Your Wings™ jacquard 3343 Supposes Roses™ silk jacquard
3344 It's Cricket™ silk jacquard 3345/3345w Belle en Jour™ silk taffeta
3444 Easy on the Eyes™ plain weave 3527 Summerhouse® seersucker
3535/3535w Glow with the Flow™ metallic sheer 3536/3536w Glow and Behold™ satin
3537w Peek-a-Bouquet™ sheer 3551 All that Glitters™ plain weave
3561 Win, Lace or Show™ lace 3563 All the Wave™ double-layered sheer
3564 Flare and Square™ jacquard 3575 Morning Mist™ plain weave
3581 Soft Petal™ embroidery 3595 Raise the Curtain™ cotton velvet
3611 Flashdance™ plain weave 3613 Sweet Dreams™ striped sheer
3633 Josephine™ iridescent silk 3637 Queen Bee™ silk mousseline
3639 Golden Apples™ silk screen 3641 Malmaison™ silk shantung
3646 An Unheralded Beauty™ tissue taffeta 3722 / 3722w Isadora® pleated silk
3751/3751w Wild Berry™ jacquard 3760 Screen Idol™ plain weave
3762 Sweetness and Light™ plain weave 3781 Twinkle Crinkle™ pleated sheer
3791 Glazed Over™ plain weave 3801 Shine On™ plain weave
3802 Cut a Shine™ woven metal mesh 3803 Spangling by a Thread™ sequin lace
3804 Rhythm and Hues™ embroidered silk organza 3811 Gauze and Effect™ plain weave
3820 Bloom with a View™ flowers on silk organza 3831 Sea Lines™ double organza
3833 Go for Baroque™ sequin lace 3834 Net Fortune™ sequin lace
3851 Knotty or Nice™ embroidered silk 3852 Knot Again™ embroidered linen
3861 In a Class by Itself™ silk shantung 3866/3866w Swellegant™ silk shantung
3881 Look and Glisten™ silk/lurex plain weave 3882 The Vine Inspiration™ embroidery
3901 Sheer Heaven™ silk organza 3911 I've Got Ribbon™ ribbon taffeta
3924 Right on the Button™ buttons on plain weave 3925 Fine by Me™ plain weave
3931 Great Lace™ lace 3932 Pride of Lace™ sequin lace
3934 Made the Grade™ knit 3941 Airy Tales™ dobby
3970 Crease de Resistance™ ribbon and pearl embroidery 3991w Trip the Light Fantastic™ raschel knit
4051 Ausable™ eelskin 4071 Flying Colors™ horsehair