“Miss Gretchen’s textiles are luxurious, unique, and comfortable: visually, physically and emotionally.  I have known Gretchen and her fabrics since my early days in the business…her work inspires. I’m using Golden Apples™ again —I love using this fabric on JM Frank style sofas, as a big sleeping pillow-sized one, right  in the middle of the sofa as Frank used to style them.    

— Nestor Santa-Cruz, Washington DC


“I have long been a fan and supporter of Gretchen Bellinger Textiles. I fell in love with the ‘hand feel’ of her work during my early days at Skidmore, Owings and Merrill. No Executive Suite was complete without Gretchen Bellinger velvet. The product has remained consistent through the years. The Team is conscientious, honest and goes beyond to deliver a stellar product. “

— Joy Moyler Interiors


I cannot thank all at GB enough for their continual support.  Personally and professionally, you are the best.

— Mimi Brasch


My hourglass has very few grains of sand. My life is as full as a person deserves. So many good souls and talents have been my mentors. Charles & Gretchen are just that.  

— Michael Collins

Spectacular, Gretchen.  Your ads, visuals, type faces,  pattern names set a standard of excellence for the industry.  The breadth of for creative vision is superlative. What a legacy !  With everything going on in the creative design output at Louis Vuitton, you, again, are ahead of the curve!

— SR, Washington, DC.


Trendy, trendy! Nice to see some very alive fabric to zip up a day. 2023

— Lewis Haber

This makes me happy. So glad to see people using strong color. OMG.. this stuff just gets better and better.  Can’t wait to get my hands on this! Be your creative best always.

— Victoria Vandamm, Vandamm Interiors


The clients loved the Limousine Cloth®!

— Gary Hutton, Gary Hutton Design

We are major fans of Up to Scratch™! And thank you for including other off whites. We can definitely use them in projects.  Have a great day!

— Sarah Ramsay, Design Partner, Cullman & Kravis Associates, Inc.

I got the samples. OMG! Many many thanks, colors are beautiful and some of the new fabrics are gorgeous.

— Ileana Macay, Kevin O’Sullivan + Associates LLC

I am trying to get used to how thorough and professional this is! If only we could translate similar standards to the entire rest of the industry!

— Mary Broaddus

I have built more gorgeous rooms around Bellinger™ fabrics that caught my eye than I can count. I fall in love with her sophisticated colors, extraordinary textures and designs, and the next thing I know a sumptuous room takes shape around it. Bellinger holds center stage in our studio. For four decades I have lusted after the sumptuous textiles that my friend, Gretchen Bellinger, creates and sources from around the globe.The quality is unsurpassed. The fabrics never go out of fashion because Bellinger style is classic and timeless.

— Jeffry Weisman

If you are looking for fabrics that are forever current, forever chic, forever beautiful then you are bound to find them at Gretchen Bellinger!

There is an essence of perfection and a level of quality that emanates from each and every one.

When you receive fabric samples from them you feel like they have sent you a design gift that you can’t wait to share with your client.

The range from classic to wild and wonderful in the line is simply fabulous.

Add to this, staff that are knowledgeable and beyond pleasant and only there to help expedite your order.

No wonder that  Gretchen Bellinger is one of my ‘go to’ companies for fabrics for all of my interior design projects.

— Gail Shields-Miller

Years ago we started Pioneers of Design. Gretchen was one of the Pioneers.

— Richard Carlson

I must say, I am extremely impressed with your service. All the documentation provided for this order is incredibly detailed. I have been broking fabric for 20+ years. Kudos to you and your team for such amazing quality control.

— Cyrus Flemming

I have known of these fabulous textiles and used them for many years.

— Chris Murphy

Thank you so much for sending these samples! The mohair is divine!

— Jenny Dina Kirschner