Gretchen Bellinger

Fabric is life. It comforts and protects us. It’s central to the way we live and helps define who we are.

These are the principles that continue to inspire everything we do at Gretchen Bellinger Inc. While the design vernacular may have evolved and shifted in the 40 years since the release of our first collection, our founding sensibilities have not.

Immaculate craftmanship, refined weaves, expert coloration, meticulous detailing, and finish, these are the cornerstones of Bellinger design. Whether re-envisioning classic motifs or pushing the boundaries of textile technology, we are committed to creating fabrics that mirror the way we live: with excellence and an enduring respect for history and detail.

But excellence doesn’t start and stop with the weave. At Bellinger, we aim to support those unique, talented artisans and family mills who have often suffered in the changing global economy. In the past years, we have made strides to increase outreach to new artisan weavers’ mills, many of which were near closing, while maintaining the highest quality standards.